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Hidden Cam Articles

The challenge just gets greater

AS REMARKABLE as Geelong has been over the past three years, especially in September 2009, the club faces an even greater challenge than the adversity it conquered this year if it is to fulfil Mark Thompson's dynastic ambitions.

The Spying Game: Privacy Threatened By Rise In Hidden Cameras

Gadgets that secretly tape people are giving rise to some unsavoury behaviour. Mark Russell reports.

You Mess With Nature, You Pay The Price

WHEN Port Stephens tested the world's first koala cam last year the high-tech surveillance system recorded more than illegal dumpers. `One bloke stood right in front of the camera and smoked marijuana,' ranger Richard Blunt said with a laugh. Nicknamed for its ability to be hidden in trees, more

Crackdown On Workplace Spying

Hidden spy cameras may be the latest management tool to monitor performance but prying bosses could soon land themselves in court under a major crackdown on workplace surveillance. From this month, NSW employers must obtain court permission before they secretly film staff. Victorian employers

Many Other Players In The Game Of Criminal Justice

Australian television viewers confronted with the crotch-cam sight of "Chook" Fowler "trousering" wads of cash and uttering endless permutations on the "F" word did not require a degree in semiotics or a thesaurus to divine what was going on. While the participants